The foundation of any successful business is the creation of an inspiring vision, the practice of authentic core values, and the belief in a compelling purpose. To be an effective leader, one must establish a context for employees to align with and act in support of these principles. The Epic Mind Strategic Leadership Process is a proven method for business owners to set the course and create the framework for the future of their enterprise. Through performance-based business consulting, Epic Mind helps mission-driven companies realize the benefits of developing a focused strategy for attracting clients, retaining valued employees and ensuring the team support of the organizational mission. Business owners and managers are encouraged to identify gaps in productivity, and understand if there are issues that are getting in the way of peak performance.

Epic Mind helps managers create a culture of accountability and peak performance!

Benefits to The Organization

Empowered & Aligned Leadership

Greater Focus & Direction

Inspired & Enthusiastic Staff

Increased Profitability

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Improved Productivity & Teamwork

About Mary O’Connor

Award-winning coach Mary O’Connor has helped more than 4000 businesses accelerate their success through management and sales tools that impact performance and increase profitability.

She has 30-plus years of experience as a sales expert and has worked with companies such as KPMG, Genetech, YWCA, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, New Leaf Paper and Solar Sonoma County. She is a former adjunct professor at Sonoma State University and holds an MA in Organizational Development.

Mary grew up in Long Island, New York as the oldest of nine children. Her determination to succeed led her to complete an undergraduate degree while supporting herself through college.

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, Mary applied her education towards becoming an archaeological specialist for the California Office of Historic Preservation. She modernized and systemized the preservation’s approach to cataloging and maintaining records.

As the next step in Mary’s career, she became the General Manager (GM) for a solar company in Sacramento, where she significantly increased sales in her first month of employment. As a successful GM for this company, Mary realized selling was both fun and lucrative. She knew she excelled at using her sales skills and wanted to apply this knowledge towards co-founding an event planning company in 1986.

Her knowledge of human behavior and proven systems for increasing sales led to further success. She increased annual sales for the event planning company from $100,000 to $2 million in two years. Mary decided to start a new event planning company, Excellent, Adventures, as a sole-proprietor. She ran this company successfully for five years and learned not only how to manage people in a high-stress environment, but how to motivate people to achieve top performance.

Her interest in psychology and human behavior also led her to obtain her master’s degree in organizational development. 

Today, Mary proudly runs a highly successful coaching practice as a consultant and national speaker. She helps business owners and managers create a mission-focused environment; where they can motivate and empower employees to perform at higher levels. Mary believes in unlocking sales potential through better communication. She understands how to analyze and apply what triggers motivation. Mary’s approach to coaching is equally transformative as it is pragmatic. With compassion and lazar sharp insight, Mary moves her clients beyond their limitations and into success by shifting both beliefs and behavior.

As a consultant/coach, she helps business owners and executives develop internal systems for increasing sales and implementing performance metrics.

Many of her clients share examples and stories related to how her coaching has made a huge difference in their careers, businesses, and the bottom line.

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Mary OConnor