Strategic Coaching for Business Owners and Managers

The foundation of any successful business is the formulation of an inspiring vision, authentic core values, and a compelling purpose. To be an effective leader, it is essential to have this as a context from which to lead.

The Ecstatic Entrepreneur Strategic Coaching Process is a proven method for business owners to set the course and create the framework for the future of their enterprise.

Benefits for your business:

  • Empowered & aligned leadership
  • Greater focus & direction for the organization
  • Inspired & enthusiastic staff
  • Increased profitability
  • Greater employee satisfaction & retention
  • Increased productivity & teamwork

Strategic Planning

As an executive coach and trainer, Mary helps companies achieve peak performance through the strategic planning and implementation process. She helps executives and business owners align employee activities with annual goals and objectives. This includes the process of hiring based on the vision, mission and company values since everyone coming on board must be in support of the culture and vision of the organization.

Management Tools

The first step in identifying a lack of productivity within the organization is to uncover what’s not working. Mary starts with an assessment of the organization through a series of interviews with managers and employees. She identifies whether problems are a result of an ineffective management approach, incompatible communication styles, or performance issues related to a lack of training or low morale. She coaches managers how to improve productivity with effective management tools.

Employee Performance

Through a two-way approach to the employee performance process, Mary starts with a series of interviews with both managers and employees. This helps her uncover issues that are getting in the way of individual and team performance. Her coaching helps managers establish a system for accountability and how to increase employee morale to a point where employees are happier in their jobs and the company benefits from higher levels of communication.

Sales and Marketing

Mary helps companies increase lead conversion rates by coaching managers and employees to reach sales goals. She helps clients develop systems for hitting key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to each employee. She works with business development managers to create employee KPIs and teaches them how to become more effective sales managers through motivational tools and systems of accountability.

Our Coaching Process

Step 1
In the initial intake process we look at what success looks like for you and your company, why are you in business, what is your inspiring vision and what are your core values, so we can create a solid foundation for success based on your values. Together we will determine what is your highest vision for your business, and clarify your goals.

Step 2
Once we determine what obstacles are in the way of achieving success, Mary will enable you to create a comprehensive strategy to conduct organizational transformation quickly. You discover the background conversations that you and your staff may have that are sabotaging your success, and how to create a new more empowering culture for accountability, acknowledgment and results.

Step 3
We will assist you in designing a breakthrough project guided by your core values and highest vision. Then we will create a strategy designed to reach your goals. Once you have a strategy, you will implement an action plan.

Step 4
Mary will help you and your staff stay focused on your action plan and provide the structure for fulfillment for you to make it happen. Using measurements that you and your team have devised, we will ensure that you stay on track and reach your goals. This process enables business owners to get free of binding beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, personally and organizationally, so that you are able to move quickly to create both a work environment that is electrified with positivity and profits beyond your imagination.